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Cocktail Crepes after church or at Drink reception with Crepes for wedding

We are catering at weddings in a many venue for the last 5 years now and offer a great altenative option for catering  at your wedding. We can cater before, during or after the ceremony on the bid day or on the day after if you require.

Before the Ceremony we can offer Cocktail Crepes & for your Hen Party the Cocktail Crepes “s’il vous plait”. 

After the Ceremony we can offer a variety of delicious Sweet Desert Crepes.


Crepes at Church

We can do our Cocktail Crepes or Mini Crepes just after the Ceremony outside the Church.  We have found this to be very popular with the guests. It takes the edge off their hunger without affecting their appetite for the big meal later on. We will provide a sense of occasion and entertainment while we cater for up to 300 Guests in less than 30 mins.

Crepes at Drink Reception


We can cater at the main venu where we offer a full Crepe Service with a varied selection of both Sweet & Savory Crepes. The Art of Crepe making creates a great buzz & adds to the excitement of your special day.

Evening Crepe desert

We are so versatile we can join in with the Fun & Entertainement ! If you have invited a bunch of friends after the meal and you want to provide them with a snack while they party. We’ll spin the Crepes while the DJ spins the Classics!

After weddings

We offer a full Crepe service for the day after the night before to help bring everyone gently back to earth. Crepes are easy on the eye & easy on delicate bodies & full of fantastic flavour.

We would love to help to make your special day one you’ll never forget. We will come to you with our unique service at anytime & in anyplace.  For your special day we bring our special service to make your occasion even that little bit more special

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